I couldn’t find any good documentation out there for recovering litecoin sent to btc address on block.io. It’s two-factor authentication so the usual tricks you find on the interwebs don’t work. Anyway I figured it out, and wanted to share with community in case someone else runs into this. Along the way someone tried to trick me into sending private keys, and a few other people wanted to charge me hundreds of dollars. So I hope this saves someone else the hassle I went through.

  1. Download latest version of Python (google: python download)

  2. Download this entire folder to your computer – https://github.com/BlockIo/blockio-basic-multisig-sweep

  3. Login to block.io -> settings -> backup private keys (you’ll need these)

  4. In the folder you downloaded go to src folder and edit the networks.js file. You want to copy what’s on the private and WIF line in the BTC section INTO the LTC section.

  5. Open command prompt and enter following:

SET PRIVATE_KEY1_BIP32=[your bip32 BTC private key from step 3]

SET PRIVATE_KEY2=[your secondary BTC private key from step 3]

SET DESTINATION_ADDR=[address you want litecoin sent to]



node example.js


(if I helped you and want to send donation feel free – MFxkfF8j5M18gXrXTKfYJLx4fqWYC4DhDa)

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