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I got a Trezor back in 2017 and shortly afterwards I apparently purchased some Litecoin on Coinbase, which I don’t remember at all doing. Coinbase says it got sent to an external address, and I can’t think of anywhere I would have sent it to except the Trezor. However, I can’t for the life of me find it. It’s a legacy L address, but both the online wallet and the desktop program are saying that I don’t have have any legacy LTC accounts, and when I try adding one it shows a balance of 0.

When I enter the transaction hash I can see the LTC going successfully to the To address, but the address itself shows that it got sent out somewhere else and has a final balance of 0. I don’t know where it got sent off to.

I completely forgot I ever purchased LTC, so I don’t know if this is the result of a firmware update, hack, user error, etc. I’m assuming no one broke into my Coinbase account just to purchase a small handful of LTC and nothing else. And I would have copied and pasted the recipient address straight from Trezor Wallet.

What steps should I take from here? I do have my recovery seed, but would that even work to get it back? What else can I try? It’s a pretty decent chunk of money now that a few years have passed, so I’d hate to think it’s gone forever.

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