A 1 year graph of of on-chain transaction rates for LTC and BTC pulled directly from my nodes. I trust this chart as much as I trust the node software (so high confidence). For me (among the many other reasons to love the Litecoin ecosystem), LTC acts as a pressure release for BTC, allowing users to remain on a hard money chain when BTC is congested – exactly as Charlie envisioned. Over the past few months, as the BTC chain has become perma-congested, LTC has been rockin’ along… doing precisely what it was intended to do. Having a highly liquid, low tx cost, hard money option when users choose to avoid the BTC chain for whatever reason – Fantastic! Keeping users out of centralized coins and tokens – Invaluable!

So, anyway – nothing new or earth shattering here, just a view of the chains from an independent node operator. Have a great weekend, everyone.

r/litecoin - My small case for Litecoin

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