Ok, I know I am dumb.

I bought some Litecoin years ago when the price would have been really low, probably just a few £ each, maybe 2015-16… something like that. Not many, maybe £10 or £20 worth at the time.

I have the wallet password (amazingly) but can’t remember where I bought them from or any other details.

My plan: Check my old email for any clues. Eg, did I get a confirmation email for the transaction. No luck.

I’m going to check my browser history but no clue whether it goes back 6 years or so.

I guess I can trawl through old bank statements to see if I can find a record of the transaction.

Then I’m all out of ideas.

Is there anything obvious that I’m missing?

What would have been the common Litecoin exchanges at that time? Maybe a name will jog my memory?

Ugh. What an idiot.

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