Late April, early May I was browsing Alibab*, looking for some products to sell. In the electronic category, I saw that strange thing appear as top searched product: Litecoin Miner. Of course I had already heard about crytpos like BTC and ETH without grasping what it was. I remember one alumni from my business school advised us to invest in ETH in 2017 (price was aroud €300 back then); unfotunately, I did not have that kind of money to invest back then + again, I did not understand the whole concept so… After this Alibab* thing, I checked what Litecoin was, the prediction, and since I have some (very little) money that I can afford to loose if anything goes wrong I decided to create a Coinhouse account. Bought my 1st Litecoin early May at €215. Value increase rapidly over the next two weeks then… the dip… Was “scared” but remembered all the advises I red on this subreddit… and HODL this single coin. Even wanted to buy more late last week when it was at €107 but monthly wage transfer was not done.

Well just bought 4.2 new Litecoin at €158, and will still HODL knowing it will worth way more in a few months/years.

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