Hello all . So basically in my current investments in the stock market I made some great gains not much but I have about 11k . I’ve always been a fan of lite coin back when it was trying to get adopted by Amazon and bought back in the day when it was 80 and sold off on the jump it made to 400 per coin . Why I sold is because it never seems to get good publicity . The overall ecosystem of this coin is great . It should be up there . I was hoping at the time that it could compete with ethereum and even overtake them . But it could never get over the hump of 200 . And now I am back again . Why because Bitcoin has ridiculous fees and I’m waiting for people to realize this once all these people get educated on how crypto really works. Trying to match my savings account with crypto and try to get loan it out on blockfi.

As currently serves it’s at that 200 range again . I haven’t looked in deep in it as I’m choosing between ether , stellar , litecoin .

Can someone give me there point of view on litecoin. I’m In here long term by the way . Not looking for quick gains . Am I missing something that litecoin. There structure is so legit . But even Bitcoin cash manages to get over the hump . Can someone please help me .

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