Hi! I’m pokkst. I work primarily on Bitcoin Cash projects, and I’m the maintainer of bitcoincashj (and have been for about 2 years now).

I’ve been kinda bored recently, looking for stuff to mess around with, so I decided to go looking for a Litecoin Java library, like bitcoinj. There were a few, but ultimately they were all extremely outdated.

So, I forked the latest bitcoinj codebase and ported it over to work on Litecoin’s network!

The library’s WalletAppKit does work with both mainnet and testnet (Testnet4), so that means SPV functionality also works with the Litecoin network.

It also has the most up-to-date checkpoints and DNS seeds from the official Litecoin codebase.

Enjoy! Hopefully this comes in handy for a few developers.


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