Hi, in my country, there is a lot of poverty, corruption, inflation and our fiat money doesn’t have value. People started into crypto to preserve the value of their money because it is the only way. Now the government is watching everyone who use crypto and following them. Because they are really restrictive and don’t let you to be successful or at least to live in peace. I love the idea of Litecoin, cheap fees not like Ethereum (here 10 usd for fees is just a lot) fast, and in a future privacy oriented. This is great, it will help people in restrictive and poor countries to use it for buying food, services, or products in sites like bitrefil. It’s a really useful coin. At the moment I don’t own ltc, but I really want to, because it is really practical on p2p and daily small transactions. The thing is I have usdt trc20 in my wallet and don’t have the 0.2 trx fees for moving my usdt trc20 to an exchange to trade it for some ltc :(, I think is more safe if I trade it in a dex exchange or with someone by p2p. If you know a legit trx faucet where I can obtain 1 or 0.2 trx pls tell me, so I could trade my usdt for ltc I would be really grateful, have a good day.

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