For BTC there is WBTC and renBTC, but there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent for LTC. There’s talk about a WLTC project but nothing live or working yet.

The only bridge I’ve found is BoringDAO, which mints oLTC. It works perfectly well, but I can’t find anything in the DeFi world that actually takes oLTC. The only thing you can do with it is …. stake it on BoringDAO.

Interestingly, BoringDAO’s oBTC is recognized as being a legit enough wrapped-Bitcoin to be in’s BTC pools (WBTC/renBTC/sBTC) but at the same time I can’t actually get BoringDAO’s oBTC tunnel to work.

I’d like to actually do something with my LTC in DeFi but can’t find any bridges. Anyone know of any? It’s kind of the wild west out there right now.

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