The energy sector is seeing a complete paradigm shift:

  • Bitcoin’s monetary network effect
  • Monetization of energy
  • Leads to an arms race of energy tech becoming more and more efficient and productive
  • Cheap energy production allows for cheap energy utilization
  • Cheap energy utilization allows for cheap manufacturing, mineral mining and product R&D
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

Photo by NASA on Unsplash


Ripples and splashes are being made in the financial realm. Since its entry onto the world stage, the Bitcoin network has been growing. With each addition to the horde of nodes and miners that are scattered across the globe, Bitcoin continues to dig in. Supplying the world with a financial vehicle that provides solutions to the failed experiment that is Keynesian economics, inflationary monetary policy, savings, and it cannot be forcibly removed from an individual or entity. If you can’t see the value there, then I won’t hold you.

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