I'm almost totally new to this whole cryptocurrency realm. I first heard about them in I believe mid 2016 and was very interested but, my attempts to break into it back then were in vain. Probably due to my inability to retain most new information lol ;P

Anyway now the whole thing seems to be much more accessible. I have the Gemini app, Cash app and one called Pi(Where I mine "Pi" which is yet to hit the market.) on my phone. I have purchased around $30USD (Which is now sitting at around $35USD) worth of Lite Coin on Gemini, and about $3USD (Which is now around $3.20USD) of Bitcoin on Cash app.

My main inquiry at this point is about the wallets and how the value is stored and transferred,
and how the apps are able to store the coinage for me when the fact of not having a digital wallet connected to the apps seems a bit counter intuitive to me. Mainly any info to do with Lite Coin side of all this because it seems to be sticking out to me the most in the ever growing sea of Cryptos.

If anyone would be willing to type me a small (Or in depth, if you have that kind of time and patience lol) crash course about this, or any relevant info, IT WOULD BE GREATLY AND SINCERELY APPRECIATED!

I hope my post is in accordance with the community guidelines.

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