So, in the craze of trying to earn as many assets as possible, I began researching cloud mining and its downfalls. A bottle of rum later and I found myself having purchased an upgraded package from Right about now is where I'd say I lost my money and they never payed me for it but…

I can withdraw. Not much, mind you. It's .003, 5 times a day right into my wallet,, even though I have like 2 or 3 ltc in their "miner" at this point

My question is, naturally I have had a different experience than the "scam spammers". Is it a scam? Probably. But I would like to know of anyone has actually dumped 5 ltc into this for their supposed "unlimited package", and what the results were?

Am I gonna get rich off of this thing? No, but the extra couple of bucks every day has been nice. Every few days, I get a cup of coffee with it. I am curious if anyone has any actual experience with this particular scam site though.

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