Hey everybody, I know this is a little late but please know two things:

1 – We hit $300 this year, maybe the price is lower today, but zoom out and check the progress we have made so far. We will go back up, the whole market is down and if you hodl this long what’s a little longer until we reach the moon.

2 – I have been sick this week and the is no way I could make a new piece since I woke up 2 hours ago!

Anyway, today’s work commemorates LTC reaching 300 US DollaryDoos this year, in my fiat that is 216 queens tea and crumpets which is much higher than my DCA of 177! As my health has suffered this week I also guess the theme of the post is to make sure you rest, no matter how hard you stare at your charts you cannot control crypto and if you are in poor physical health your mental health takes a nose dive as well.

It makes you see neon chickens, buy the all time highs and lose the grip on your HODL plans.

So take today easy, turn your screens off, the markets will rise again tomorrow and remember if you really REALLY need to, zoom out.

Now, back to 300 and beyond!

(Also, a BIG thank you to all the people who have bought things from my shop and shown their support, have no fear, I put that money straight back into LTC @ $336, right before last nights dump)

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my art.

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Take care of your mental health and be good to each other!


*not financial advice, I am a bear. Not the kind who shorts markets, the kind with paws and whom sh*ts in the woods.

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